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Last October I quit my 9 to 5 job to travel around the world for a year. I won’t have an office for a year. Here is the first leg of the trip.


My travel starts October 6th 2016 with a one way ticket flight to Brussels. The previous weeks have been difficult. Lot of things to prepare, visas to get, things to settle, stop working just one 6 days before starting the trip.

Lesson learned: more time needed to plan everything.

Brussels (BELGIUM)

European Commission

I started the world trip in Brussels to visit some very good friends of mine. Who showed me around. I try to visit more than the usual, not just most touristic places. I had a good guide (thank you Chamo!).

Walking in Matonge, an African neighbourhood was the best of the day. Sure I also went to the touristic spots.

The second best thing was drinking beers at Delirium cafe, the bar with the most varieties of beer commercially available. Belgium is one of the countries with best beer in the world, I did not had time to taste them all.

  • The thing that I liked the most: beers. I tried a lot of them and I also went to Delirium, it is a must go place for all beer lovers.
  • The biggest disappointment: Manneken Pis, meaning “Little man Pee” in Dutch it is small bronze sculpture surrounded by many tourist (I am one of them).

Actually how Manneken Pis looks like

Manneken Pis – Brussels


Hamburg (GERMANY)

 img_20161009_190305In Hamburg Sagt man Digga

Rainy Sundays in an amazing city! I also visited some Spanish friends here. I want to thank Blanca and Juan for the great weekend.

Walked in down town where we found a street that is forbidden to woman and minors. You can imagine what you can find in the other side…

  • The thing that I liked the most: beers.
  • The biggest disappointment: The weather, it is humid and cold. (I better get used to it, Russia is waiting for me)

Unter 18 und Frauen verboten

Unter 18 und Frauen verboten.


Berlin (GERMANY)

I am moving too fast, but the idea of this trip is to travel around the world and spend time in the remote areas that areas difficult to access. Europe is small and you can always take a flight or train and visit one country for a few days.

I am using the bus to move around Germany, it is cheap and you have WiFi. It works really well.

Once in Berlin, I drop my luggage at the bus station and headed to the city centre for a productive day. I take the Metro to Alexanderplatz and then I walk until checkpoint Charlie, where you can still see some parts of the Wall. The city centre’s main attractions can be visited walking or by bicycle.

Then I visited the Holocaust Memorial (picture below) it is breath-taking. In the afternoon I visit the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) and the Reichstag.

Really loved the city, I need to come back and stay at least one week. Probably in spring or summer.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

At the end, I was in a rush and almost lose the night bus to Warsaw, luckily I sat close to Portuguese girl that shared her food with me. (Thank you Carlota!).

In Warsaw is where language struggles start. Not everybody speak English and I need to start developing other communications skills.

Pablo is waiting for me here (we are going to travel together for a couple of months, and then we will see…). I rest for a couple of hours and then we head to Vilnius by bus.


  • The thing that I liked the most: Everything.
  • The biggest disappointment: Just staying one day.



Vilnius from the Three Crosses

Views of Vilnius from the Three Crosses

Vilnius is a small and beautiful city. Everything is close. We stayed a couple of days as it was in our way to St. Petersburg. We did not expect much from the city but it was a pleasant surprise, we met very nice people too!

  • The thing that I liked the most: Three crosses and its views of the city.
  • The biggest disappointment: We couldn’t find the bus station and we almost missed our bus to St. Petersburg.


St. Petersburg (RUSSIA)


Finally, here we are.

Crossing the border was a bit long, over an hour. But we finally got here! Everything is big in this city: metro, streets, Buildings… And it’s cold, I think we are going to be below zero for a long time!

More about St. Petersburg and Russia coming soon.


Hope you can join me at some point!