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Thursday October 6th 2016 I started a year trip.

I want to discover new places, meet a lot of people, learn the ukulele and learn everyday, anything.

I plan to visit the following countries, it is provisional yet and I want to have some flexibility. I will be planning my next adventure just a couple of weeks in advance.

Places I'm going to visit

OCTOBER Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Russia

NOVEMBER China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam

DECEMBER Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar

JANUARY Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia

FEBRUARY Philippines, Indonesia

MARCH Australia, New Zealand

APRIL Chile, Argentina

MAY Brazil, Peru, Bolivia

JUNE  Ecuador, Colombia

JULY Costa Rica, México, Cuba

AUGUST United States, Canada

SEPTEMBER Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland

OCTOBER I will prepare my trip to Africa.

Hope you can join me at some point!